Paraty 1 2 is an old historic port town set on a lagoon. We drove close to the town center, parked, and walked around.

It’s a quaint little colonial town, with cobbled streets, and pastel colored homes mostly converted into shops, art galleries, restaurants, etc. The streets were very uneven, and not very convenient in my opinion. In any case, it was a charming place that Uma loved, and I liked.

We hadn’t had lunch, and were famished. So we stopped for a quick bite at Cafe Pingado. Everything tasted great!

Now that I had a smile back on my face, we resumed walking around aimlessly, taking snaps, and took in the atmosphere.

One sight that made us sad was seeing indigenous Indian children selling outdated handicrafts on the streets with very little success…I really hope they have access to education, and a way out of this trade.

We had dinner at Cafe Margarida. They had live Brazilian country music which we enjoyed. Food was decent. We headed back to the chalet, enjoyed the soothing sounds of the forest, and dozed away into oblivion.