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Calm before the storm…

We were excited about going to a “Samba School” opening night. To even things out, decided to keep the afternoon low key. Uma wanted to try brunch at “Pain et Chocolat” 1, a popular bakery in the Moema neighborhood. It had a pretty large display of sweets, pastries, etc. that got her all excited. To […]


We jumped at the opportunity to attend a futebol game when Rafael (pronounced Ha-fa-ell), a big fan of Sao Paulo FC 1, asked us if we were interested in SPFC’s elimination game with Atletico Goianiense (which apparently is not a top tier team). We (Onuwa, Uma, myself) joined Rafael, and Laura (pronounced Lau-da), and headed […]

Royal Enfield sighting in Brazil

As I was cabbing back to the hotel, I chanced upon a motorcyle store with 2 spanking new Royal Enfields on display. Made me miss my baby:(

Golf in Sao Paulo – 1

It was time to check out the local Golf scene. The front desk suggested I first try the FPG Golf Center 1, a 9 hole practice facility, since it was the nearest. Anderson, Uma’s colleague from ClearSale, informed me that it was basically a “pitch & putt” course, and so not to expect too much. […]

Endeavor CEO Summit 2012, Sao Paulo

Thanks to the kind folks at EY, Sao Paulo, I was able to score a pass to this event. The focus of the Endeavor organization 1, and therefore this event 2, is to provide assistance to high potential and/or high impact entrepreneurs, by bringing them in contact with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, experts, etc. The goal […]

Our “world traveler” friends

Tuesday evening, we caught up with ex-E&Y-ers, and current world travelers, Kristin and Matt. They are crisscrossing South America, and happened to be transiting through Sao Paulo at the time. It was great to hear them talk about their adventures, overcoming different challenges, and the perspective they have gained. Check out their blog 1. In the […]

Brazilian Pizza

I’ve heard legendary tales regarding Brazilian Pizza. Based on my first experience, I have to say they are all true! Uma’s colleague, Rafael (pronounced Ha-fa-ell), took us (Uma, her E&Y colleague Onuwa, and myself) to his (and now my) favorite pizzeria, Braz 1. The “caprese” topping was Muito Bom (very good)! ↩