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Rio Copacabana beach

There was one last thing to do before heading to the airport…hit the beaches one more time. Had lunch at a big Skol bar right on Copacabana beach. Their kiwi caipirinha is amazing. Lot of activity like slack lining, beach volleyball, etc. to watch as we lumbered along… Inevitably, some beach side purchases, like this […]

Rio – I believe I can fly

What better city to hang glide in, than in Rio? Here is a short clip of my mini adventure. This is how it went down. We had mixed emotions upon arriving at location: (a) Wow! Those hang gliders look awesome! (b) Uhmm, will we be jumping off that cliff? Up, on that cliff, there was […]

Rio de Janeiro – day 2

The sun came out a little more than yesterday, and it was time to hit the beaches. We took a taxi to Ipanema beach, and walked along the beach to Aproador rock. The panorama is something else. Since the weather this weekend was spotty, the beaches were not as crowded as they are known to […]

Rio de Janeiro – day 1

Who hasn’t heard of Rio? It was on our list of must see cities…hearing Brazilians speak highly of Rio only increased our anticipation. This is one of the few destinations that both tourists, and locals seem to love. For the November 2nd long weekend (‘Dia de Finados’ or ‘Day of the Dead’ 1, we headed […]