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Santiago, Chile

For the last decade or so, Chile has been a very stable government with a burgeoning economy. But it has had a fascinating history in which the country experienced oligarchy, military rule, police state, democracy, socialism, free market economy, human rights violations, extreme recession, export based recovery, everything in between, and yet has somehow survived it all to […]

Our foray into Latin America

We are heading out on our longest trip thus far (28 days)! This is an extension to the 7 weeks we’ve spent in Brazil for Uma’s Corporate Responsibility program. The countries we are visiting are: Uruguay (Montevideo, Colonia) Chile (Santiago, Valparaiso, Easter Island) Peru (Nazca lines, Lake Titicaca) Bolivia (La Paz, Salar de Uyuni) Ecaudor […]

Applying for tourist visas in a foreign country

Normally, you are expected to apply for visas in your country of residence. For example, if you are an Indian living in the USA and want to visit Bolivia, you’d have to apply for a tourist visa at the nearest Bolivian consulate in the USA. Most countries require specific dates of travel, flight booking, hotel […]