The sun came out a little more than yesterday, and it was time to hit the beaches. We took a taxi to Ipanema beach, and walked along the beach to Aproador rock.

The panorama is something else.

Since the weather this weekend was spotty, the beaches were not as crowded as they are known to get. But we are talking relative here…there was still a lot of activity.

One could spend days here hanging out by the beach, walking about, watching people, snapping pictures…

…making note of funny ‘Lost in translation’ stuff.

It took us a while to decide where we should have lunch. The guy at “Bar de Beto” promised me he could make a great vegetarian dish for me. His penne arrabiata was the spiciest, and best one I’ve had so far…it definitely hit the spot.

Later that evening, when we got to sugar loaf, it was more of the same i.e. cloudy unclear skies. Got ourselves a much needed coffee, and walked the trail they had up there, which was very nice. By the time we got back, the crowds had given up and left, and the skies cleared out quite a bit…funny how that works sometimes.

The sunset and night time views from this vantage point are spectacular. This city has a lot going for it!