There was one last thing to do before heading to the airport…hit the beaches one more time.

Had lunch at a big Skol bar right on Copacabana beach. Their kiwi caipirinha is amazing.

Lot of activity like slack lining, beach volleyball, etc. to watch as we lumbered along…

Inevitably, some beach side purchases, like this Fedora hat, were made. Some people rock it, some not so much;)

Time to leave this fun city. We will be back!

General observation: There is significant fear mongering online that Rio beaches, especially Copacabana beach, aren’t safe. But we had no issues at all. When we walked along Ipanema beach the other day, I did not carry my big camera in order to avoid attracting attention. But today, I snapped away without worrying too much. It is good to be watchful, but not to the point  of letting paranoia ruin the fun.