On Sunday, we took a 5 hour boat tour that included stops at a couple of islands, and a couple of beaches. We parked near the town center and walked up to the Marina. There were a ton of operators, from small boats offering private tours, to bigger ones offering group or party tours.

We picked Netuno 1, and came away very impressed with them. They were very organized, and took care of their patrons. Also, their caipirinhas were fantastic! On this sail boat, you could sit on the upper deck if you wanted to tan…not a good idea for my skin tone. On the lower deck, there was regular seating as well as lounge beds…guess where we settled down?

We got off for a little bit on the first beach. I was in a hurry to snorkel and…

…realized a little too late that I had my wallet in my board shorts! The contents had to be aired out for a while.

Lunch was included, and Uma loved her fish option. Lets not talk about my salad.

I snorkeled a little more…sans the wallet this time.

It was a relaxed cruise the rest of the way.

This area has a few hundred islands, and is very picturesque. Would highly recommend this boat tour.

When we got off, we spent some more time in the town center…it was pretty dead on Sunday evening. We picked up some food at the local grocery store on the way back to the chalet.

Given the great view from this property, I couldn’t resist trying my hand at long exposure night photography.