First weekend in Brazil

It’s a long weekend here in Brazil since Oct 12th (Friday) is Children’s day. We were told that most Paulistas (thats what Sao Paulo locals call themselves) prefer to take trips to nearby beach towns on long weekends. We contemplated doing the same, but since I had just arrived, we decided to stay put in […]

Brazilian Pizza

I’ve heard legendary tales regarding Brazilian Pizza. Based on my first experience, I have to say they are all true! Uma’s colleague, Rafael (pronounced Ha-fa-ell), took us (Uma, her E&Y colleague Onuwa, and myself) to his (and now my) favorite pizzeria, Braz 1. The “caprese” topping was Muito Bom (very good)! ↩

Taking some time off

The whole point of having my own consulting business, I remind myself often, is to have greater flexibility in choosing interesting work, and in promoting a work life balance by taking breaks when needed. I’ve found that it is hard to actually exercise the second part. It is not easy to say “no” to business…there […]

Capturing Non-functional Requirements

In this post, I will quickly explain what non-functional requirements are, and then discuss a technique I use to capture non-functional requirements. What are non-functional requirements? Solution Architecture must take both functional and non-functional requirements into consideration. While functional requirements describe how the system should behave (ex: display order info), non-functional requirements describe the expected […]

Explaining Architecture

With so many definitions of architecture 1 (specifically software architecture 2) already available on the internet, I am not going to attempt creating yet another. Instead, I will try to explain what architecture is, in a way that hopefully makes it easier to understand. I am also not going to delve into various types of […]