Here is my explanation as to why I started this blog.

Eulogy to the internet

To me, the internet is the single greatest creation of humankind to date. I can’t think of any other invention that has had as profound an impact on as large a cross section of humanity. It has become the deepest well of knowledge we know of that one can draw from or pour back into. If knowledge is power, and if individual power is freedom, then the internet is the most powerful (yet passive) power-broker and freedom-fighter of the modern age.

I use the word passive, since the internet itself has no agenda other than being an enabling platform. It’s a medium that somehow simultaneously enables altruism (the free sharing of knowledge), capitalism (access to a much wider market), collectivism (shared interests, agendas, bargains, whatnot), individualism (self empowerment), etc. without being at odds with itself. The internet just is.

The internet’s impact is so deep that I feel it is shaping human evolution in a fundamental way. I suspect there was a time in history when excellent memory recall was a very beneficial human trait. But now, that trait is far less important relative to the ability to quickly absorb and process information. We can already see how the younger generation has come to expect information being available at their finger tips. That is truly remarkable.

What to expect in my blog

The internet participation inequality theory states that only 1% of internet users are content creators, 9% are contributors, and 90% are lurkers. I confess that I have been a lurker all these years. I have benefited greatly from the enormous amount of valuable content that knowledgeable folk have created or commented on. I have been able to put this knowledge to use, and build on it from experience. I have always felt the moral obligation to contribute back into the  knowledge pool. But it is only now that I feel confident I have something of value to share. I am now ready to cross over to the 10%.

So here is what you can expect from my blog. I will hold myself to a high standard. I will focus more on quality than on quantity. I will keep to topics that I know enough about. And I will do my best to make it worth your while.