We made a 2 day trip to the Foz do Igauçu falls on the Brazilian side.

We flew in early morning, and headed to the falls immediately after an early check in at the hotel. Once you enter the national park, they have a bus ride to get to the starting point of a trail along the different falls…and man, are there many!

There was an abundance of butterflies, monkeys, and coatis (similar to raccoon) along the trail. The coatis had zero fear, and would pursue anybody who may have food on them. We did our best to avoid them since they can bite and give you rabies. This being summer in South America, it was very humid, and we were sweating bullets. The cool mist from the waterfalls helped whenever we could catch it.

The trail is scenic, and ends at the Devil’s throat, the main waterfall. It’s force is something to behold. You get to experience it by taking the last leg of the trail, which extends over the water to the very edge of the falls. We felt these falls are more impressive than the Niagara falls.

There is not a whole lot to do around Foz do Iguaçu, especially, if you don’t go to the Argentinean side. We came back to the falls the next day to take in the falls once again. I would recommend a day trip to anybody who wants to visit only one side.

There is an Orient Express hotel (expensive) inside the park, very close to the falls. The lunch we had there on the second day was excellent! That evening, we availed the many facilities at our hotel (Recanto Park hotel)…I felt like the king of ping pong, until a kid joined in, and absolutely killed me. I would have got him in the next game, but it was time for dinner;)