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Wrapping up in Sao Paulo

All good things, they say, must come to an end. And so it is with our stay in Sao Paulo. This last week has been packed with a lot of things going on in parallel: planning our 1 month South America trip, completing the related tourist visa activity, winding down Uma’s assignment, last minute shopping […]

Golf in Sao Paulo – 2

I made another daring attempt to experience golf in Sao Paulo. It’s simply not easy in this part of the world. There are very few golf courses out here. Most are private, some may require a member accompanying you, and the public courses are few and far away. After much research, I decided to pay a […]

O do Borogodo

This place12 is so cool, it deserves a separate post. At the outset, everything about it in terms of location, entrance, building, etc. look rundown. But come 11 pm, it transforms into a hip samba spot where the dim lighting is just right, the live music/singing is soul piercing, the overcrowd (yes, I am using […]

Foz do Iguaçu

We made a 2 day trip to the Foz do Igauçu falls on the Brazilian side. We flew in early morning, and headed to the falls immediately after an early check in at the hotel. Once you enter the national park, they have a bus ride to get to the starting point of a trail […]

Rio Copacabana beach

There was one last thing to do before heading to the airport…hit the beaches one more time. Had lunch at a big Skol bar right on Copacabana beach. Their kiwi caipirinha is amazing. Lot of activity like slack lining, beach volleyball, etc. to watch as we lumbered along… Inevitably, some beach side purchases, like this […]

Rio – I believe I can fly

What better city to hang glide in, than in Rio? Here is a short clip of my mini adventure. This is how it went down. We had mixed emotions upon arriving at location: (a) Wow! Those hang gliders look awesome! (b) Uhmm, will we be jumping off that cliff? Up, on that cliff, there was […]

Rio de Janeiro – day 2

The sun came out a little more than yesterday, and it was time to hit the beaches. We took a taxi to Ipanema beach, and walked along the beach to Aproador rock. The panorama is something else. Since the weather this weekend was spotty, the beaches were not as crowded as they are known to […]